The Future of Driving

The value of technology lies not in what you can do with it - but what it can do for you. With this in mind, QX50 is specially designed with driver assistance technologies, including ProPILOT Assist. The future of driving is not letting go, it's expanding your control. [*]

2019 INFINITI QX50 | INFINITI Luxury Crossover | ProPILOT Assist



At the core of QX50's driver assitance technologies is ProPILOT Assist. The combination of Steering Assist and Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control helps ease the fatigue and frustration that come from lengthy travel. Once activated, ProPILOT Assist uses a combination of radar and optical systems to monitor the vehicle ahead of you and the lane markers, and then helps keep QX50 centered in its lane and a set distance from the traffic in front of you - even around curves. [*]

The Bigger Picture

Confident control comes from more than a single technology. It's the result of a suite of INFINITI's innovations designed to empower drivers.

2019 INFINITI QX50 | INFINITI Luxury Crossover | Front Profile

Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection looks for potential frontal collisions with pedestrians or the vehicle in front of you. It can help brake in an emergency to help avoid frontal collision. [*]

Steering Assist is a technology that helps steer the car and eliminate small steering corrections for you by identifying the lane markings and helping center QX50 in the lane.

Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control monitors speed and distance for you by automatically adjusting your speed, along with the ability to adapt to a full speed range in traffic - and can even come to a complete stop if needed. [*]

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention lets you focus on the road by providing warnings, and even intervention should your vehicle start to drive out of your lane. [*]

Distance Control Assist keeps an eye on what's in front of you and helps to maintain distances set by the driver by pushing back the acceleration pedal when the vehicle ahead is closer than the preset distance. [*]

2019 INFINITI QX50 | INFINITI Luxury Crossover | Head Up Display


See What Matters

Originally developed for fighter jets, QX50’s head-up display projects a semi-transparent readout of key information onto the lower windshield. With important details like speed, navigation and warnings closer to your field of view, it’s easier to stay aware without distraction. [*]

2019 INFINITI QX50 | INFINITI Luxury Crossover | Long Distance Detection

Long Distance Detection

Using a forward facing radar and camera, QX50's Forward Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection and Predictive Forward Collision Warning technologies can provide drivers with early warnings of a frontal collision and can even help bring your vehicle to a stop to help avoid or lessen the impact of a collision. [*]

2019 INFINITI QX50 | INFINITI Luxury Crossover | Powerful Elegance

Sees What You Can't

The QX50's Lane Departure Warning and Prevention can help warn drivers, and even intervene if drift occurs. Additionally, Blind Spot Warning and Blind Spot Intervention® systems help alert you of vehicles in the blind spot area before and during lane changes. [*]

2019 INFINITI QX50 | INFINITI Luxury Crossover | Grille


Panoramic Awareness

INFINITI’s innovative Around View® Monitor uses four vehicle-mounted cameras to provide a full bird's-eye view of the car and its sorroundings when parking. Moving Object Detection helps alert you to moving objects in front, behind or beside your vehicle. [*]